Frequently Asked Questions

We have designed this page in an attempt to help you with some of your questions.
If you have any additional questions, please call us at 1-702-383-5909.

Is a deposit required to book a wedding or renewal service?

A non-refundable deposit is required to hold your reservation. Weddings or Renewals with a total of $399 or less will require a $150.00 deposit. Weddings or Renewals with a total of $400 or more will require at least a $200.00 deposit. All deposits are non-refundable, however they are transferable to any available day and time within one year of original reservation. Please note that and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be billed the full amount of the package price.

What Methods of Payment do you accept?

For Deposits at the time of booking, we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. WE NOW ALSO ACCEPT PAYPAL - (Call for details) We will accept Money Orders or Cashiers Checks, if the booking is at least a week in advance of the actual service. If you are making your booking in person, cash is always welcome.

How much cash should I bring for tips and fees?

$60 to $100 is a customary amount for the minister.  (A minister is not required for an Elvis Renewal Service)  $40 is a customary minimum for limo drivers. Our Elvis tribute artist ($40-$100) and our Photographer ($40 )gladly accept the cash you leave for them, as well. Please bring the appropriate cash with you.

What about taxes?

Nevada State sales Tax of 8.265% will be added to your total.

How many people do you allow in the limousine?

Our limousine holds a maximum of 6 people.  

How about additional limousines?

We can make arraignments additional limos at the rate of $150 an hour (for 6 passenger limos).

Are there places where the limo cannot pick up?

We can only pick up at hotels that are located downtown or on the strip, but not south of Mandalay Bay. This covers most hotels, but there are a few that we cannot pick up at. In that case, we will discuss options with you.

Do I need a marriage license or other paperwork to have a Renewal of Vows service?

You will need no paperwork for a Renewal of Vows or Fun Experience with "Elvis"  

What do I need to know about the marriage license for my legal Wedding?

The cost is $77 (cash), no appointment necessary. There is no waiting period in the State of Nevada and no blood test is required. Both parties must be present. If you are divorced, it must be final. You must know the month, year, city, and state in which the divorce was finalized. If you are under the age of 18 and over the age of 16, you must have parental consent. (If you are under the age of 16, please call the Clark County Marriage Bureau for information). The Marriage Bureau is located at 201 Clark St., on the corner of 3rd and Clark. It is at the Clark County Regional Justice Center. (also know as the New Court House) Hours of operation are: 8 AM to 12 Midnight, 7 days a week. If you have any additional question or need further information, please call the Clark County Marriage Bureau at (702)671-0600.

Is "Elvis" an actual minister?

Our "Elvis" tribute artist is not a licensed minister. We provide an ordained minister, registered by the State of Nevada and Clark County, to do the legal part of the marriage and sign the paperwork, either just before the "Elvis" ceremony or just after. The actual minister can be in the service with "Elvis" if you want, however, the "Elvis" usually just takes on the role of the minister for the ceremony that is recorded on your video.

May I bring my own minister?

Yes, but only if they are licensed to perform marriages in the State of Nevada. If you wish to have someone outside the Chapel perform your ceremony for you, please let us know ahead of time. You will be charged an additional $60.00. Please have them bring with them a copy of their "Certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages".

Is there a limit to how many guests can attend my wedding?

Wedding packages are good for up to 30 guests unless otherwise stated. Reservations exceeding 30 guests may be subject to additional fees ($10 per extra guest). The Chapel simply cannot hold more then 40 guests.

May we write our own vows for our Traditional Wedding?

Each of our ministers perform a beautiful and personal ceremony. If you feel strongly about writing your own vows we understand, but ask that you keep them to no more then 1 minute each in length. They must also be approved by your minister prior to the ceremony. 

May we take video and photos with our own cameras during the cermony?

Excluding the "Memories" and "All Shook Up" Packages, (Elvis) and the "Lover's Special" Package (Traditional), guests may take a few photographs and video during the ceremony only with Cell Phone Cameras, as long as all guests remain in their seats so as to not interfere with any videos and photos that we will be taking. If your package does not include photos and video, and  take your own photos and video anyway, a fee of $400 will be charged. Photos may only be taken by our photographer before and after the ceremony in the chapel.
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May we do anything we want with our DVD and photos that we receive from you?

The images that the Chapel gives you on CD or DVD, video and photo, will be yours to use, copy, print, or alter as you wish. We retain the right to use them also, on our website, on You Tube, or in other advertisements, unless you request in writing that we don't use them. Also, additional photos will be posted on a separate photo service for later purchase, if you wish to do so.

"May I bring champagne or other alcoholic beverages?

We are not licensed to have alcohol in the limo or chapel, and we do NOT allow them. However we would be more than happy to provide bottled water for a small fee.

If I want to look at the chapel, do I need to make an appointment?

Please call  1-702-383-5909 to make an appointment to see the chapel. We are committed to keeping our weddings private.  

What are the closest hotels to you?

We are just over a mile from the Stratosphere, and all the downtown hotels. We are no more then 5 miles from any hotel on the main part of "the strip" or the downtown area of Las Vegas. If you would like the "800" numbers for these hotels, feel free to call us.

When is my final payment due?

Your final payment is do the day of your reservation. You are welcome to call us to pay at any time.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

The Deposit is non-refundable. However, it is transferable to any available day and time within one year of original reservation. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be billed the full amount.

What About the Web Cam?

For your friends and family to watch your wedding or renewal on the web, tell them to go to the main page of the web site, and click on "Live Web Cam" (a link at the very top of the page). On that page, just press "Play" and enjoy the service.

Tell us in advance that you want it on the web. It is viewable on all computers and mobile devices. There is no guarantee that everyone will be able to watch, but most should have no trouble as long as our camera is turned on at the chapel. Also, our weddings and renewals may start a few minutes early, so have everyone log on at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time. If you would like your webcam video posted to You Tube for later viewing, it is $30 additional. .

What are your business hours?

Most appointments will be scheduled between 11AM and 9PM, except on Sundays, when they will be scheduled between 2PM and 6PM. We also invite you to leave messages or e-mail us at anytime, so that we can better serve you.

What about "after hours" appointments?

We will charge extra if we book a wedding or renewal before 11AM or 10PM and after. The fee will be $100 extra per hour after hours. For example, a 10PM wedding will be charged $100 extra. a n 11PM wedding will be charged $200 exttra, and a Midnight wedding will be charged $300 extra, and so forth.


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