Photo Options


No matter what choices you make, all photos will be posted on the "Dot Photo" website. After your service, you and your family and friends may look at your photos and be able to buy your photos individually,  We will give you a username and password to enter our site as a guest and then purchase your photos. Check out the site at

Direct Purchase Option:

Your package comes with a generous number of ceremony photos, but posed photos will be taken after your ceremony. You may purchase all of them on a CD after the service for a SPECIAL PRICE.   They are very high quality photos and you will own the copyrights.

Another Option:

Don't Use Our Photographer. Bring your own photographer or take your own photos and video and send our photographer on a break: $500.00

Choose a Photo Shoot:

Hire our photographer for an additional photo shoot. Prices start at $500.00 


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